Virtual World Storytelling

The new age is ushering exciting and breakthrough advanced ways to tell stories. One of the most interesting new mediums out there is virtual reality headsets, combined with immersive soundproof headphones. Humans have come across something that was only in the realm of dreams before, now it has become a reality. The experience is visual and sensual beyond words. The immersion is reality shattering and the future of how humans will interact and tell stories.

Imagine putting yourself into an entirely new location. Everything felt in the “real world is amplified and felt in the new virtual reality that you have embarked upon. Feelings that can be produced in the waking world are done so in these new worlds as we learn to use a new form of waking dreams.

Putting on the headset is a great experience. There is one game out there that lets the user tour a virtual underground mine filled with danger lurking behind every corner. It feels like the user is actually there. One of the precursors to virtual reality was motion control. Playing a game like tennis online the user begins to duck and dodge and move as if they were actually physically playing the game. The possibilities are endless.

Video games are one of the main mediums VR has spread to and video games are essentially stories that someone can play through. The world of storytelling is only going to get more immersive. Sure, it’s fun to sit and play a game and shoot the bad guys but do you actually feel as if you were there physically.

There is a line of space in front of you and images being projected on a 2D image screen. Simply throw the controller down and walk away and the immersion is broke instantly.

Video Games & Movies

Hundreds of years ago it was the books and plays that entertained us and took us into different worlds. There was a great magic in transporting your mind to another area, everywhere in humanity the idea has been to transcend reality and put the mind in a new place. Then we progressed and moved into cinema and games that could be played. The images got more realistic but there still was a barrier to entry.

The stories that will be told in this modern age will surpass anything that has been dreamed up or imagined. Complete new worlds will be taking the human psyche into something unbelievable. The barriers that were once there between the medium and the mind will begin breaking down.

Experience in these stories will not leave the audience as a mere spectator but part of the act. A performer in a story created by another as they revel in the new virtual technology. The boundaries between story and reality will begin to break down and form a new as pioneers push new boundaries. There were the great epic myths and plays followed by the cinematic experience that will now lead into a virtual storytelling land beyond words and imagination.

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