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Gentrification of Chicago Neighborhoods, New Businesses Replacing Title Loans Stores

The Chicagoland area has been under so much scrutiny the past year and still is. Some people avoid the city all together. Which is understandable with all the violence, protesting, and government corruption going on. Not many people want to dive into the action. People residing in Chicago have said enough is enough, it is time for people to see the real Chicago. Changes in the city have already taken place and are actually bringing new residents and businesses to the area. Property levels are rising due to the city’s gentrification changes.

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Chicago Urban Legends

Urban legends can best be described as stories of questionable truth that have been passed down for generations. People believe in them wholeheartedly, even if they’re based on rumors or just plain made up, and part of the reason for that is because they’ve been making the rounds for so long. A nice handful of urban legends are set in or near Chicago or are at least believed to have originated there. Sit back to learn about a few of the most popular ones; whether or not there’s any truth to them is for you to decide.

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@LindaGonzalez Integer pretium malesuada tortor nec euismod. Donec interdum cursus leo eget malesuada.