Judge aquits chicago police commander abuse charge

Commander Glenn Evans from Chicago, who allegedly shoved his gun into a man’s mouth and then down his throat was acquitted of the horrific charges. A Cook County judge decided to also acquit the charges on two counts of aggravated battery and then also seven counts of misconduct. Glen Evans, the 53-years-old police officer, was cleared of all charges from a 2013 incident involving Rickey Williams. The evidence was clear with Williams’ DNA on Evan’s weapon.

Supposedly, Evans chased after William, back in 2013, because he thought the man was holding a gun. The police officer tackled William and put his firearm into his mouth, demanding to know where he hid his weapon.

There was no evidence of a gun found later, so this theory is completely uncertain. William accused Evans of shoving a gun down his throat, hurting him and making him spit blood afterwards. There have been several cases of police abuse lately, so the judge asked for consideration: she was not taking into account the other cases as well, saying that this was a singular case of police misconduct accusation.

The judge decided to not find Evans guilty of the accusations. She insisted that William would constantly change the story, making everything confusing and hard to believe. And, as for the undeniable DNA on Evans gun, she stated that the evidence was of “fleeting relevance”.

William was not going to stop fighting for his right. His lawyers stated that they will proceed with a lawsuit. They are confident enough to say they will find all the proof needed to show that Commander Glenn Evans violated William’s right.

If the story that William tells is true, there’s no way to deny that his rights were clearly violated. The main two factors are crucial to this case and weren’t really taken into account by the judge. Most notoriously, the DNA on Evans’ weapon is already too big of an evidence to simply ignore it. And, the fact that Evans insisted that William had a weapon, when none was found, makes his defense harder to believe.

This is not the first time that Evans gets attention for an accusation like that. A study done for the People's Law Office in Chicago showed that Evans was the subject of at least 45 excessive-force complaints in the past 20 years. That record does not give him a good reputation. It makes William’s side of the story much more believable.

He is one of the highest ranking members of the department and it said that he is well known for his rather aggressive tactics. Chicago has been struggling to lower the criminal rate lately and behaviors like that, especially coming from a high ranked police officer, would only aggravate the situation.

There are mixed opinions about this case. Some people think that, due to the state that the city is in, aggressive procedures are sometimes necessary to ensure the peace. Some others think that human rights cannot be violated like that, and that Evans is a really bad example for the whole community.

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