Designed Spatial Storytelling

A while back there was a French philosopher who went by the name of Guy Debord. He had an idea that he called dérive, many people know of this through a different type of phrase, basically that the journey is what it’s all about not the destination itself. The destination itself is of course important or else the journey would not exist without it, but that doesn’t mean the end destination is going to be the end of it all.

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Virtual World Storytelling

The new age is ushering exciting and breakthrough advanced ways to tell stories. One of the most interesting new mediums out there is virtual reality headsets, combined with immersive soundproof headphones. Humans have come across something that was only in the realm of dreams before, now it has become a reality. The experience is visual and sensual beyond words. The immersion is reality shattering and the future of how humans will interact and tell stories.

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CPS principals learn of school budget cuts Tuesday

Once again, the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools are at a crossroads. If they fail to reach a deal on a new contract, there will be budget cuts to each individual school. In a scramble to keep teachers employed, principals were forced to save as much money as possible and raise funds from families of the school children. Charter schools who are under CPS look to be losing an estimated amount of $13 million. The CEO of CPS has stated that the cuts are needed in order to stay afloat to pay the faculty and other expenses. The CEO is hoping that an agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union will come soon in order to have the money to avoid laying teachers off. As Chicago Public schools try their best not to lay off teachers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. The principals at each school have to manipulate their budgets as the cuts come out and will ultimately have to send teachers packing. It will be difficult for the schools to come back from cuts this extreme because of the loss in teachers and the loss in time teaching the students.

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Chicago Youth Advocate awarded as a Martin Luther King Humanitarian

Young people can make a mark in life, if they only believe in themselves. Michael Tidmore has proven that the sky is the limit to what one can do for their community and society at large. Making a difference and changing the world is what this Chicago resident has done. Recently in January 2016, St. Bernard Hospital celebrated the 87th birthday of the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The event honored the great leader’s life and his civil rights legacy. However, at the celebration, Michael Tidmore was also honored. Why? A prestigious award was given to this young man for the restorative justice advocacy work he has been doing in his Chicago community of Englewood. Tidmore has exemplified to the youths at risk in the community that they, too, can turn their lives into something positive.

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